I have a new sand point well that that I have driven for an underground sprinkler system and have some questions. I am down about 32 feet and hit water at about 20 to 25 feet. I put a check valve right above the point (this might have been a bad idea). It is running off a 1 HP shallow well jet pump and getting about 11 GPM straight out of the pump. I know that this will drop once I restrict the flow to get enough pressure. I am concerned about getting good pressure and not sure the best way to go about testing this. I am thinking that I can hook up a few above ground sprinklers with a pressure gauge attached but I donít know if this will be an accurate method. I fear that I will find that I am unable to get the required flow at the required pressure to run the system. The zones are not laid out yet so I am trying to get this info to design my system.