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Thread: Tub/Shower Drain Trap question

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    Default Tub/Shower Drain Trap question

    Hey everyone I appreciate all the information shared on this site. With my limited knowledge I've started to redo my guest bathroom. I started a thread over on JB's site because I thought I was just going to demo throw a tub in and start tiling. Didn't work like that. Oh well here I've found some trick and tips and actually got my first leak free piece of copper in.

    I started to remove the tub drain and I ended up cutting it out instead. The bathtub I'm installing is 2'' wider so I figured I would have to replace it anyway. I dug down to the trap and decided since I was in there I might as well replace the whole piece from the union on.

    My drain had a 2'' Trap then went to 1 1/2''. I went to home depot and wandered around through the plumbing trying to build something of resemblance. I ended up making a piece with 45* streets but all out of 2'' pipe. I could not find the threaded piece on top that the drain screwed into, that my old drain had for the life of me nor do I know the name of what I was looking for.


    Can I use 2'' to the drain and then coupling in (the male threaded piece to match the drain, when I find it)? Does my piece look like it would be ok to replace the old?

    The drains I saw today were some rinky dink bs pvc. Is that what I should expect? Is 1 1/2'' the most common since for the tub drain/overflow? I had a brass drain assembly should I go to a plumbing supply store to find that? Rather than the big box stores.

    Thanks for the help guys.....
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