Well, while I'm thinking of insulating the basement I still need to add another layer to the attic (right now we're at one thickness of Fiberglass in the rafters about R19). I bought rolls and rolls of R30 unfaced over a year ago before the energy credits ended but unfortunately due to a back injury they remain up in my attic still in rolls stacked high. Well, the back is better (mostly) and I want to get moving on getting this laid down over the old stuff. Lots of questions and I know there are lots of differing answers to this so here goes....

1. current stuff they have in the rafters is faced facing the outside. This is actually placed over the original batting which is some kind of rock wool in felt paper packs. Should I remove the paper facing of the stuff that is currently in the bays?

2. house has no soffits (no overhang and no ridge vent therefore.) When I had the house inspected before we bought it the inspector commented on the fact that the insulation went all the way to the soffits and I should pull it back and put baffles in. At the time I didn't realize I had no soffits so I didn't argue the point. Now I'm not sure what to do. If I insulate all the way to the end of the roofline I worry someday an inspector well tell the people we're selling the house to that the insulation is wrong. I'd love to extend the roofline and add soffits (did this to our old house on one side) but fear I'll never do it to this house. We did have lots of ice damming 2 years ago. I know I also need to seal the top plate but man that sounds like a PIA. pitch of roof is low and back won't like it much. I'm thinking about just insulating all the way into the edge and adding baffles just so I avoid this conversation down the road. What would you do?

Hmmm. I thought I had more questions but I guess for now that's it.

I plan on trying to find all wire holes and sealing around them as well as the ceiling fixture outlets to prevent air transfer from the main living area as well.

When I do the basement I'll be insulating the bottom plate as well with rigid foam and great stuff.

Just as a note our walls are not insulated. Brick house with plaster walls. I don't plan on ever doing anything there.