Hi All,

I have a new drilled well I just finished hooking up for my residential service. The well is in shale and contains sulfur. I hooked up my chlorination system I used on my old dug well and that took care of the sulfur - not a tinge of smell. BUT, I noticed small air bubbles which gives a milky appearance that clears from the bottom up when a glass of water (hot or cold) is drawn. I checked for methane using a plastic soda bottle and match and sure enough a yellow/blue flame is evident confirming presence of methane.

Now, from what I understand, methane and the chlorine used in my chlorinator combine to make a cancer causing carcinogin. I don't want to eliminate the chlorinator as we object to the sulfur odor that results. I've heard a little about aerator tanks, does anybody have any recommendations, experiences etc... to pass along? Or perhaps any other methods of eliminating the methane? I realize methane by itself is harmless health wise, but with the chlorine, I have a little concern. I'd appreciate any feedback.