I have a bit of an oops moment.

I'm currently in the process of finishing my basement and after doing some research about insulating my basement walls (poured concrete), I came across a wonderful BuildingScience.com article regarding different insulation strategies. I was a bit over zealous to start the project and I THOUGHT I understood what I needed to do. So I bought 1" EPS foam board (foil on one side, plastic on the other) and attached them to the concrete wall. I never took off either the foil or the plastic 'skin' on the EPS board... effectively creating a vapor barrier and the exact opposite of what I wanted to do.

Is my only option right now to remove all the foam board I installed (yikes!)? Maybe I could leave the foam board as is on the upper 4' section of the wall and only replace the lower 4' section? Any thoughts/suggestions would be much appreciated.