I'm always impressed with what can be achieved on the job site using my IPhone (Smart phone). Yesterday we started tiling an incredible project that was designed by my favourite local designer. The job is planned to the mil and every detail ironed out.

Well almost.

Yesterday I realized we never discussed how to bring the tile into the niche. We are using a Carrera Marble looking Porcelain tile and I was not sure how my client wanted the the tile to enter the niche.

My client got called away from Vancouver to Montreal and we have been sending pictures to him via the IPhone.

I have this handy App on my phone called Adobe Ideas where I can draw on a blank paper or on a picture. Yesterday I sent this.

Option "A"

Option "B"

Personally I like Option "B" but Option "A" is easier to clean and leaves out the grout joint.

Now I could have shut the job down for a day or two or take 2 minutes and send off two emails. My client responded back with his choice of Option "A" and thanked me for the pictures.

Now I know what he wants and I didn't run the risk of installing something my client would not be happy with. I almost did Option "B" but my "Spidy Senses" where tinkling.

With these High Tech Phones I like the Low Tech Option of Adobe Ideas. You simply draw on your phone with your finger.

That's it!