Little pissed but but here goes....
Hired a plumber to install DWV for a bathroom/laundry room combonation. I was going to do it but wanted to make sure it was done correctly. I read the Tips link provided here and had a good feel for what needed to be done so that I could check his work (came reccomended) and I got a couple references. Over all the system looks good and is pretty close to what I would have done, except for one thing: 3" main drain line , shower feeds in with 3-2 Wy, same for washer, toilet feeds the 3 in from 3x3 wy w/clean out and the last fitting in the line which comes from the bathroom vanity he used a sana tee. I have read enough to know that you are not supposed to use a sana tee in a horizontal position. "Number 1 plumbing error"
I confronted him and his answer was that use a 3x2 wy would put the fitting to far down the drain and since it was for a vanity there should be no problem. I told him that if it fails inspection it will be changed but I am wondering what happens if the inspector doesn't catch it. Can it cause problems and should I have him correct it. Can toilet drain "Stuff" catch? It is positioned correctly just not the fitting I was expecting?

Little mifed I even have to ask here?