Hi All,

Thanks for reading my post! I have a question about sump pumps. Here in California there's been a ton of rain and a couple of my friends have water under their house in the crawl space and in their basements. I understand how they work, how to plumb them for the most part, etc., but I do have a couple of questions.

So, we dig a hole...what type of bucket do we put the pump in? Does it have to have a sealable top? The only sump buckets I saw at Home Depot are big ones for sewage ejector pumps. They're a little big...as in, they'd require a pretty big hole to be dug.

Second question is, does the ejector line coming out of it have to be sloped down at any point, or should I not worry about this because the check valve will stop it from short-cycling the pump.

Third, I guess since this is a pressurized system I can't use ABS, I have to use PVC, right?