Finally finished my install of my 32K Fleck 5600 SXT whole house water softener system. Everything went on without hitch, although I was scared for a little while because the water was pretty cloudy, almost like Alka Seltzer. Once the unit regenerated for the first time (2:00am) the bubbles disappeared.

I decided to hard pipe the unit in, since I had installed a softener loop when I did the copper re-pipe. But, I used sharkbite type fittings into the yoke/bypass, so I wouldn't run the risk of dripping flux or molten solder into the rubber innards of the bypass. I wouldn't exactly make it habit of using sharkbite fittings, but for a single time exterior use, they seem to work quite well.

All the various drain and condensation lines drain into a proper standpipe just out of view.