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Thread: Flushmate: Repair or go with gravity?

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    Quote Originally Posted by jadnashua View Post
    Many things tend to fail when in transition rather than in a static situation...the transition causes stresses, and that's when things break. How often does a light bulb fail while running rather than at turn-on? The sharp release of pressure on a tank that has been expanded and contracted numerous time can fail at its weakest point. The sharp turn-off of the water from the valve can create a pressure wave. that's one reason why they put in a restrictor...it will change the pressure during refill slower, putting less stress on things. Odds are yours won't fail, but it is somewhat irresponsible IMHO, to ignore the manufacturer's engineering and recommendation.
    Jim, I don't know what you want me to do, because if you had read through my posts, I have repeated three times already that my installation cannot physically accommodate the restrictor. I'm not going to tear apart my bathroom to change something that's worked for 15 years. If it ain't broke, don't fix it. As CarlH said near the beginning of this topic "as long as it does not launch the porcelain lid in the air the safety problem is resolved."

    This was not the manufacturer's engineering, this is a jerry-rigged afterthought from a manufacturer who SHOULD by all rights be replacing the entire unit with the current model. Since they have not done that, I have done everything physically possible with the parts they sent me, so enough already. As I said, I'm done dealing with this. As far as whether I'm "irresponsible" or not, it's my house and it's my business, not anybody else's and everyone needs to respect that. Jesus Christ, I have much better things to do.

    So go bother "Teddy" who REMOVED his regulator after finding out it took over three minutes to be able to reflush. Sheesh.
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