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Thread: Quick question on adding to 3 way light

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    Default Quick question on adding to 3 way light

    Greetings all, I have a quick question to verify something I'm working on.

    We have a hallway that, currently, has one light which is controlled by two three way switches (one at each end of the hallway). The current wiring setup is that power comes into the first 3-way switchbox via a 14/2 romex cable. Then it is has a 14/3 wire going out to the light. From there, a 14/3 wire continues and terminates at the other end of the hallway in a 3-way switch box.

    Our plan is to replace the crappy single light with 4 recessed lights. So, I'm trying to get an accurate description of how the wiring would work? Like a diagram or "at the first light connect this to this and this to that and then this wire leaves the box and arrives at light #2 and is connected in this manner. When leaving the last box and heading to the end of run switch it is wired like this" for "4 lights controlled by 2 3-way switches. Power at first switch, last switch is end of run"

    I have plenty of 14/3 and 14/2 so I'm not looking to do anything funky so I can just use 14/2.

    I guess I'm pleading to be told "how do I finish the wiring diagram in the attached image?"

    Thanks in advance gang!
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