Allow me first to thank you for taking time to help. The Model No. of my 12 year old Rain Soft unit is AMB 744 CT 60HZ and the Serial No. is 144255. Back in June we began noticing our water becoming harder. I called a Rain Soft franchisee on a Thursday or Friday who sent a technician out the next Monday. While waiting I upped the regeneration rate to every day. I was able to be here to observe the tech. He pulled the back cover off and we were able to watch the mechanism of the gears and the clear ball housing. He said everything worked fine and after doing several water tests was able to determine that water was softened. Well since then the water has seemed to become harder again. The toilets especially are showing dark rust like stains. While showering the water feels hard yet the soaps seem to sill be lathering pretty well. Also my brine tank has not emptied out of salt. I reset the system to regenerate every day. I was concerned that there might not be any water in the bottom of it so about 6 weeks ago I poured in about 3 gals. of clean water which cover the salt pellets. Today I took the back cover off and manually ran the softener through its cycle just as I had watched the R/S tech perform. The ball in the housing never dropped as I had previously remembered it doing. The first step there was a loud rushing of water. I felt the slightly larger diameter line leading to my sewage trunk pipe and it was vibrating like the water was flowing through it. Then on at least the brine and rinse steps I noticed a small air pocket at the very top of the ball housing. There was some jiggling of this air pocket and even more when the Well Mate (pressure tank) control switch clicked. After this click and flutter of the air pocket I noticed eddy like waves descending down the larger bowl beneath the ball. These waves also had the appearance of heat waves rolling through the water. Also the ball housing is no longer clear but is coated with a rusty type of film. - - Any suggestions as to how I can fix this? Again thank you!