Purchased new home with new Hot Water Heaters, one inside the home and one outside in the garage. Noticed water standing in catch pan when the heater stopped heating water on the inside heater. Contacted Rheem and because the heater was still under waranty, authorized a new heater and it was installed by a liscenced plumber. A few days later I noticed water standing in catch pan. Approximately 1/2 inch. Enough to keep the bottom of the heater wet. I called Rheem again and they told me heater was condensating. When I contacted plumber to let him know water standing, he came out and could not find a leak or any issues. Rheem is willing to replace heater again, but if water stands in pan again it is due to condensation and not a faulty heater. Is there a reason this is happening? I would like a resolution to the problem not necessarily a new heater. The plumber I have hired to take care of my issue states that in 35 years he has never seen or heard of the heater condensating like this. Another plumber stated that if I turn the heater up (hotter) it would stop condensating. I just need the right answer to resolve this problem.