This is my first post to the board, although have been reading others post for quite some time. Great forum and lots of great info. Thank you everyone!

We have a house that we recently purchased. It is on well water with a pretty bad sulfur smell. It has been recommended to me that a IWT565BM-150 would fix the problem. Or I believe the new part number to be CAN565BAF-150.

A good friend also worked at the local water company (he offered to help install one if I could buy it direct so I could save some money) confirmed that they had installed quite a few of these IWT units in our neighborhood with very good results in removing the sulfur smell. This seems contrary to what I have read on some websites that brim filters do not remove sulfur smell.

Sales guy did say that they had tried other brands of brim filters in the past with so-so results. The IWT unit however is better than the others because it has an air pocket under the control head that helps remove the sulfur gas and oxidize the iron for removal (or something to that effect). I am not sure if this is a sales pitch from the company to use this brand or if it is true? I did notice the Canature unit has a separate tank for the air removal.

Normally I would just pay the $1795 to have it installed, but money is tight. I cannot find this unit anywhere - or even a similar unit. I did find greensand units, which he told me to stay away from due to the high cost of operation over life of unit. Anyone know of a place to buy these or are they only available from my local dealer?

Water was tested when we bought the house. No issues other than the sulfur and a slight amount of iron and hard water. (7.6 PH, 11 Grains hardness).

Sorry for the long post...

Thank you again,