Hi all,

I have a LED bulb Ba9S type (130V) which has internally an array of 7 LEDS.

All the datasheet mention is Voltage:130V AC/DC +10%, Max Current:5,9mA Colour:White clear

In my circuit the bub is connected directly to a 110V battery and I am trying to add an external resistor to reduce the current into the bulb but before I do that, I would like to figure out the following:

the array of 7 LEDs in a single bulb are connected in series or parallel?
The 5.9mA refers to the current of the single LED of the whole array (if in parallel)?
Can I assume the internal resistor is 21.47kOhm (parallel case, with 3.3V on each diode) or 18.12kOhm (series case)?