Hello. I'm installing a new double bowl kitchen sink and faucet. We are also strongly considering getting rid of the disposal since we don't use it AND since we are thinking it will provide more usable space in the left cabinet if we get rid of it. Also, note that there is a dishwasher drain line connected to the disposal, though you can't see it in the picture.

Is there any way to reroute the piping between the tailpiece and trap on the left bowl, so as to maximize usable space on that side of the cabinet? The red line in the picture shows the possible modification I'm talking about. The green line in the picture represents the area I'm trying to free up so I can install a trash/recycling pullout on that side.

If my idea (red line in pic) is not recommended, then is there any other way to maximize the usable space on the left? There's a lot of space in this cabinet, and it seems a waste to not be able to use some of it.

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