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Thread: Connecting 4" Cast Iron with 3" PVC

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    Default Connecting 4" Cast Iron with 3" PVC

    I have a vertical 4" Cast Iron piece that I want to connect a horizontal 3" PVC drain to. The local store has a "saddle" with a gasket on the inside and u-bolts that will wrap around the CI. The connection will be at approximately a 90 degree angle. So, the material in the PVC drain will travel horizontally at 1/4"/ft. and then drop down into the CI. Is this a common and good way to make this connection?

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    It is extremely uncommon, and as far as I know illegal (contrary to plumbing codes).

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    I'm not a plumber, but if I had to do this, I'd probably cut out a section, then insert a wye using no-hub connectors. Now, there may be an issue with putting pvc in the middle of the run because of the weight. If the pipes are properly braced, that shouldn't be a problem. But, you could put in a CI hubless wye, then convert to pvc, and all would be well.
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    Just because a store sells it, doesn't make it legal. They still sell S traps at Ace Hardware.

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    They sell S traps because it's legal to repair or replace and existing one. Now if you want to talk about the plastic accordion tail stocks LOL
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    1. It is an illegal connection. ALL plumbing codes prohibit "saddle connections" except for connections to the main sewer in the street.
    2. It is also a bad connection function wise.
    3. Cutting a 3" round hole in a 4" cast iron riser will be a very time, and tool, consuming process.
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