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Ro tank pressure shoud be set to 6 psi empty. The only way to test the tank pressure is when it is empty of water. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are wrong.

Your RO systems pressure is directly affected by line pressure. Adding air to the tank will not increase pressure to the faucet. At least not for the first half gallon. It will only lessen the tanks volume. The permeate pump shoud be installed without an ASOV, or at minimum, a 90% ASOV.

The tube length is always of great concern to flow rate avaiability. It has to do with frictional loss and capillary restriction calculations. I would recommend running any RO line between the tank and the faucet in 3/8" if it is more than 10', 1/2" if it is over 20'.

Hope this helps.

FYI, the flow rate should be approximately .5 GPM if the system is operating properly. Most faucets will flow at approximately 1 GPM. The loss of flow from the posy filter, tubing length, etc. can drop you to the 1/2 GPM range. This is fine since contact time is key for the post filter to provide the best tasting water.
Thanks for this information Dittohead, and thanks for everyone elses help too.
As you guys can probably tell, I am not a plumber or a water treatment pro as many here are. I am must a consumer trying to educate myself as much as possible.

1. I am pretty sure that there is an ASOV on this system, however, I will go and make sure. I'll check out the manual and call the dealer if possible.
2. I can measure the tube length from the tank to the faucet. I am pretty sure it is less than 10 feet though.

Another question, Do these things have a break in period? I just measured flow rate again today and it seems even better. Filled the same quart container in 23 seconds. I guess that is a little better than .5 gpm which according to you guys is pretty good.