we just had a new house built in utah and the plumbing is terrible and i don't think to code. we have a 3/4" water main line(copper) but as soon as it enters the house it's reduced to take 3/4" pex and then about 2' from that there is a "t" with a id of .538. the line contues across the ceiling where 3 elbows are used that have a id of .460. how does this meet the upc code which says that the minumin water supply line shall be 3/4". we have 21 water fixtures, static line pressure of 55psi at the meter, static house pressure of 47psi (only because we had the regulator turned up) and a working pressure of 35psi with 1 facuret open. with 1 hose on it takes 1minute and 15 seconds to fill a 5 gallon can. with 7 fixtures on it takes 3 minutes @ 10 psi. contractor and plumber refuse to do anything so i want to go to the city code people and present my case that the plumbing is not to code. asking for opinions from the experts as i don't know plumbing and etc. thanks for your help and advice-mike mann