Adding a small island to the kitchen. Here are my current plans for running the electric through the concrete slab (for 2 outlets on the island). The slab isn't post tension or anything. Please provide your thoughts? I will be doing this in the next week or so.

-Cut a 2" deep V channel in the slab (about 4 feet long) with a circular saw
-Put in a 1/2" rigid steel conduit with elbows at the ends to bring it out
-Paint on some concrete bond coating / glue and fill V channel with concrete patching mortar

This will allow about ~1" cover over the rigid steel conduit. I know PVC has a 2" cover requirement, but I do not believe this is true for rigid steel conduit? I just don't want to cut a huge channel all the way through the slab just to run 4 feet of conduit to the island. I also don't want to mess with jets.

Will my idea work?