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Thread: Mixing Valve Problem?

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    Default Mixing Valve Problem?


    I had an issue last week whereby my water was not enough. I got the mixing valve replaced and now I have the opposite problem where the water is almost boiling. I adjusted the mixing valve in the "colder" direction as far as possible but the water is still boiling. Is there something else I need to adjust to bring my water temperature to a more moderate temperature. Or is this just an issue with the mixing valve? Right now it is dangerous because it is so hot. I have a Weil McLain boiler.

    Thank you in advance.


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    Is this a boiler with an embedded tankless coil, a sidearm water heater, or an indirect-fired HW tank?

    Is it possible that the new mixing valve was installed backwards? Valve manufacturer and model ==?

    Mixing valves would (almost) never be sold un-tested & defective right out of the box, but I suppose it's possible to screw up a sweat-soldered version during installation with solder splash.

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