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Thread: Small bathroom, Big problems

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    Hi, new to the forum.... nice to meet everyone. Unfortunately, I'm the guy who asks for help after just meeting you.

    First the blah, blah.... I've got a new 1920's house which I gutted the 2nd floor. I also gutted the bathroom on the 2nd floor, lots o fun. I figured I would just replace what I took out in terms of plumbing. It couldn't be that easy, could it? No, I've repaired hacked, split floor joists, reframed the walls, dry fitted some pipes.

    Now the problem. I'm not a plumber. Also the way things are sitting, I will have water sitting in the DWV pipes. The soil stack (cast iron) is sitting flush with the floor joists, the vent stack is sitting 5/8" lower than that, the drain pipe for toilet/bath is sloped away from soil stack 1/2"(the toilet flange is sitting on a 2x4 flat to simulate subfloor, mud bed, tile). But everything worked for 86 years with it that way.

    The solution? I don't know, thats where you guys come in. I put way too much work into the house to burn down now. I am not against hiring a plumber, but would rather do the work myself. I just need an educated hand. What would you guys do or suggest?

    Thanks in advance
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