Hi, guys

Im new to the forum, so sorry if the subject of this post has been addressed before.

our Culligan Water Softener seems to be leaking from the Brine tank (salt tank)......or it could be coming from the softener tank itself......I have not been able to dry the floor sufficiently yet to determine the offender...but I think its the brine tank.

there are no leaks in the plumbing or valve body or purge lines and the float in the brine tank seems to be operational and moves freely.

The whole house filter is not leaking....

I have put the softener on bypass for now until I can figure it out...if I cant, I have to call Culligan...the thing is only 3-4 years old.

any help would be appreciated.

problem: I have not been able to locate the paperwork yet..usually Im really good with that stuff, but must have filed it somewhere where it would be "safe".......

thanks in advance!