Hopefully we've got someone here who is familiar with gas appliances. We have LPG (propane) for cooking & heat. I bought a new stove to replace the old not so good looking one in the house. The old one I moved to the guest house. In order to plumb the LPG to the guest house I put a Tee and valve at the tank and ran 1/2" black iron pipe 50 ft. to the appliance where I put another shut off valve. There is otherwise absolutely nothing different about this stove or the installation than in the main house. I've got plenty of gas pressure (no way to check pressure but know it's as good or better than in the main house). When I turn the gas on the pressure reducer (regulator) on the stove shuts off the gas.... completely... and the stove will not light. I've removed the line from the regulator to the burner and when I turn the gas on can hear it rushing through the regulator then shut it completely off so that it won't even produce bubbles when checked with soapy water. Would I be correct to assume this is a problem caused by a malfunction of the regulator????

I did nothing to the stove other than move it from the house on one side of the drive way to the one on the other side... maybe 75 ft. No accidents, no unusual banging around, nothing obvious that might cause damage.