I'm trying to add power to a crappy home depot 10x6 aluminum shed that is about 18" away from my house. I really only need one outlet for a light bulb so I can get tools in and out at night. The shed is in a horrible position and will god willing be replaced within the next 2 years or so, there is no headroom, and I think should have been thrown out before it was purchased. The shed sits on a concrete slab. I won't be running any power tools or refrigerators or anything of the sort in there. one or two light bulbs is it. In the attic, I have a brand new 12 gauge/20 amp circuit that powers some outlets and light bulbs in the attic. I put these in to see what I was doing while working up there and cleaning out the junk the old owners left for me. These lights and outlets are very rarely ever used.. only when I'm up there storing stuff or renovating something. So I want to tap into this new circuit in the attic, and then run the wire outside using grey plastic conduit.. down the wall and install a GFCI outlet on the back of the house. I was then planning on using an extension cord run through a grommet in the back of the wall of the shed.

I know the extension cord is the hack part of the job, but I don't really see a more reasonable way.

It seems silly to break up the concrete for a run of 18".. and although easy enough to do, it just doesn't seem "right" to add an 18" piece of conduit to "bridge" that gap.

Any advice?

(in the picture below.. ignore the crap on the roof, its a fence post and 2 rakes)

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