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Thread: Sand Sucker Stuck how to get out?

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    Default Sand Sucker Stuck how to get out?

    Driving a 3" pipe, plan is to put a 2" point and pipe down once in good water. Sand sucking the well, and the sand sucker is stuck? We are in very fine sand/water mix. I believe it is just stuck in the mud, but don't want to pull on the rope to hard and break it! Any ideas on how to free it?

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    Not enough information! But if it's a sand bailer I suspect it's pulled it's self into the sand and become stuck! If this is the case you only have the option of pulling it back carefully.
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    thats pretty cryptic, however it sounds like you are using something to actually pull the sand out of the well but its stuck, reverse flow, shoot water down it. should loosen it up.

    ps: is a sand sucker kind of like a wire or paper stretcher?

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