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Thread: How to choose a gas hot water heater? (Slightly different)

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    Default How to choose a gas hot water heater? (Slightly different)

    My water heater is manufactured in 1969. It still makes hot water very well, but there's rust around the overflow valve and god knows the last time this thing saw maintenance. I'll admit I haven't touched it since I moved in 3 years ago.

    I want to replace it with another 40 gallon natural gas water heater.

    My problem is ... how do I pick one? There are TONS of reading material out there but it's all about picking a style of water heater. Natural gas vs. electric. Tank vs. tankless etc. I already know what I want, I just don't know how to pick one.

    Water heaters seem to have become a "disposable" item like so many other things - I can pretty much forget about getting 40 years out of another one. You pretty much replace them every 5-10 years so ...... is it just go to Lowe's and pick one or do you spend extra coin on a "fancier" one? Do I buy the $400 Lowe's one, or the $800 one ?

    Side question: My Furnace guy keeps telling me my current one is probably made of copper and probably worth some money - how do I determine what it's worth doing with this thing?
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