I agreed to a clients request last night to let him help me on a renovation project as my helper. I have an apprentice and he is all trained up so working with someone new may not go so smoothly. But this was what my new client wanted and he is willing to do most of the renovation and only wants me to help with the curbless shower part.

I held my ground on this prep work and told him it was a deal breaker for me if he did this work. He agreed to that and will basically be my new helper for this job.

It was an interesting first meeting and he and I hit it off very well. We have had a number of back and fourths and should be starting this job sometime next month.

How many of you allow the homeowners to help out on a job to reduce the cost associated with a renovation? Where do you draw the line between helper and client?

My client was very clear that I get to call the shots and he will do what every task I request. I have reduced my bill to just labour and he will source and supply all materials needed for the job. For me this is kind of nice that I need not worry about any material pick up. The plan is to go in hard with me and my apprentice for the first dau after demo and install the new window and do the framing upgrades to the floor. After that my client will get a cut list from me and sketch so he can build the tub deck, after of course he insulates and vapour barriers the exterior wall.

My client will build the scaffolding for the window work.
Take it down.
Do all the demo.
All the clean up.
Build the tub deck
Board the walls (after instruction)
Water proof the walls (after I do the first coat and train him)
Install the new subfloor
Install the cement board (after I show him one sheet on the floors)

I'll do the cable heat install and his electrcian and plumber will do all the ticked trade work.

Once this is done we will install Ditra together and I'll do my work on waterproofing the curbless.

Once we pass a flood test I'll come back for some tile training 101 and him, his wife and buddy will tile the entire job.

This should net him a designer bathroom on a shoe string budget.

My biggest reservation is lining other work up for my apprentice when I'm on another job with my client as a helper. I might do this training shifts at night so as to keep my schedule easier to plan.

How many of you men do stuff like this? Any pointers?