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Thread: Toto Carlyle toilet Review, comments and pictures

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    I have a Carlyle and it has been fine over about 5-years or so. But, if I were going to replace it, I'd consider the Carlyle II with the newer flush. Mine does have Sanagloss, which I do like.
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    I've been having some difficulty in finding the Carlyle in white so I emailed Toto.

    MS874114.......was discontinued October 2011.

    I cannot use one that is "Universal" height or ADA, only their "Standard" height will work for me.

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    The original Carlyle was 15-1/8" high.
    The Carlyle II is 16-1/8" high. There may be some old stock out there, or there are other models with the lower height too. The Ultramax 854 series is 14-5/8" high.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Reader Review View Post

    Toto MS874114SG Carlyle
    Comes with standard 12" rough-in.
    A 10" or 14" Unifit adapter can be ordered to change the rough-in.
    with optional UniFit adapter.
    Skirted styling with concealed trapway for easy cleaning.
    G-Max Technology. Commercial grade flush.
    Comes with SoftClose seat.
    Large water spot. 10-1/4" x 8-5/8"
    Specs for MS87411SG
    2-1/16" glazed trapway.
    Order UniFit adapter for 10" or 14" rough-in
    No Sanagloss on black or Gray

    Love it, love...the skirt is sleek and easy to clean, why didn't manufacturers think of this before. BUT, can't put them in the 2 upstairs bathrooms because it needs more room to be installed. Had to go with the UltraMax for them instead.
    Be sure to check with your contractor about fitting in old houses.
    22 Nov 2005

    The water supply on the Carlyle needs to be at least 7" to the left of center.
    If it's closer than that, it can be moved with fittings.

    The Ultramax can have the water supply as close as 3" to the left of center.
    I love my Carlyle BUT that was not the one i wanted, my wife did not want to spend the extra money for MY favorite.

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