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Thread: help with options for comfort height bowl toilet, shelf on wall limits tank height

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    quote; The toilet flange was roughed in at the proper spacing from the side wall, but I cheated a bunch on the other side. There's only a couple of inches space between the toilet and the vanity

    Then some inspector must have gotten "paid off" because the "side wall" dimension applies to BOTH sides.
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    well thank you all for input, it looks like i am going with toto drake, the height is the same on tank as mine at 29 1/2", but tank is 20" to outside of handle so allows me an extra 1 1/2" space, and has comfort height bowl. my plumber measured the one in his dads home, and will work. i dont have to wait 4-5 weeks, and i can fix existing toilet and put down and get rid of the 50+ yr old toilet that is way too low, etc....
    have a great weekend guys
    i appreciate it

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    Well HJ, I didn't realize I needed a permit and inspection to replace a 30" vanity with a 36" one. I didn't move the toilet at all. Now I do admit that the vanity sets closer than code to the toilet, but at least where I am, they don't require an inspection of every new vanity that is installed, so I didn't have to bribe an inspector.

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    The only toilets from (most) anyone that give you an option of which side the flush handle are on are those specified as ADA toilets...that code requires the handle to be on the side nearest the door so it can be accessed from the wheelchair - the person may not be able to reach over the toilet to get to it if it were next to the wall. To give the designers some layout choices, most places make that an option.
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