i am wanting to replace toilet. and the ones that i have been looking at so far will not work as there is a narrow shelf that is part of the sink counter that goes over the tank floor to bottom of shelf is 30 1/2inches, then you would have to allow for lip to remove tank lid. also it eliminates option of top button flush, also is installed so close to cabinet the one in there has flush handle on left when facing it, and is not easy to access, so was wanting one with handle on other side
the one i was looking at and was in my price range, as i am slightly disabled due to back/legs, were the comfort height bowl, 16 inches and taller, but total height of tank allowing for lid removal/overlap has to be similiar to existing toilet tank height with lid on 29 1/2 inches, which doesnt leave much room for adjusting or servicing parts inside, so something 29 inch height but somewhere between 28-29 inches would be better. i am not able to get out and shop around. i almost bought a mansfield Alto 137-160 (smart height, elongated w/smartclose seat) but it is to tall of tank at 31 inches. and the toilets i was looking at getting i was going to have a young plumber friend of mine install and p/u from supplier. he just doesnt have the time to go thru all there specs and options. he asked me to find a couple options that were in my price range and mentioned drake was about same price for him to buy as the mansfield, he also mentioned he could get gerber, carouso and toto, but was unsure of models in that price range with that bowl and tank height and good reviews. so i can do the research part so he can give me a deal, just need some suggestions. i can use the computer i just cannot get out to stores or wholesale suppliers and physically shop around to see what they have, also as i mentioned wanted to stay in the price range wholesale, as i am on limited budget. i believe when he did call re the drake it was 45 day wait to order a that one with those features.
so smart/comfort height 16" aprox
tank height less than 29 inch
can anyone help me out maybe there is a toilet other than the drake that supplier can get in sooner or has, i would appreciate it