My first post here and I am completely new to water softener systems. So please forgive me if I am asking stupid questions.
I have just installed a Fleck 7000SXT, 1.5 cu ft resin tank system. There is gravel under bed but the top basket is not installed (it is not in the installation procedure..).
After the first regeneration a couple days ago, I noticed there is some resin residues in the drain discharge.

I read it somewhere this is normal for the first regeneration, for softeners with gravel under bed but no top basket and eventually I will not lose more resins. Can any one confirm this?

Also is it risky to take apart the valve and the resin tank and insert back the top basket? I also read it somewhere that if the distributor is raised up during the process and not put it back to the normal position, when the valve is attached again the distributor can break at the bottom and causes resin and gravel leaks into the plumbing system. Is that the case? If I want to do that, the only way is to dump the resin and gravel such that the distributor can be reset properly?

I am quite nervous since this is the first time using softener and the first regeneration does not appear normal.