I just got through reading the many horror stories! We just installed
an American Standard Champion and now understand why there
are plenty of "them" available and no Toto in our area. There was
an estimate wait of 6 weeks for a Toto, which is quieter, fills fast
and, most of all, cheaper.

The CLUNK was a total surprise, but, as of today, we do not have
a leak. It was installed by a plumber, who must know of the
problems, but didn't inform us. I have been waiting for over 25 years
to have my bathroom updated and am so disgusted with this
toilet. I will not buy any American Standard product ever again.
The toilet I had for 30+ years was working just fine, but I thought
it best to put in a new one as we put in new vinyl and didn't want
to have a problem.

I may not ever use the plumber again, either. We have had the
same plumber for many, many years and trusted him to advise
us of any problems related to such purchases.

I wish I had read the reports in this site before buying. It seems
that, once again, a foreign made (Toto) product is far superior to
the USA product.
Sat, 12 Nov 2005