We installed two Champion toilets in September of 2005.. Unfortunately, I did not run across your site before we did so. We have been generally disappointed with the toilets for most of the reasons others have been, except, thank God, they have not leaked. They are indeed nosily when flushed, do not totally evacuate all the little bits and pieces of "stuff", do not have enough water in the bowl, so thee is always a little "matter", it seems, to be scraped off the ceramic. But these issues are pretty much standard fair for the 'new and improved" 1.6 gallon toilets, that our politicians have mandated . But now I am up against it with an issue that is driving me nuts! the flush tower is made of plastic and comes in essentially two [ there are numerous smaller pieces making them up] separate units . the top portion, or piston, is connected to the bottom part by a series of small plastic pieces held together by a spring. Well, the darn thing came apart and I am having a devil of a time getting parts, or having it repaired. it is a week end, so I will follow up with every channel on Monday, but after reading all the stories here, I am sure I will ned to replace the entire tank. what a darn waste. Also, what the heck happened to American manufacturing? we used to have toilets and parts of toilets last for many years, if not many decades. Now they do not even last a couple of years! The politicians started this toilet capper, by mandating the ridiculous 1.6 gallon pieces of junk.

TTFN.. Sal Lorenzini