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We built a house a couple of years ago and installed three Champion fours(new tower ). One leaked from the beginning, and the plumber fixed it. The other two recently started a steady drip/refill. leaking at the flush valve. I replaced the blue seal with the red Corky seal from HD, but they still just drip drip drip. A can't figure out for the life of me why they drip----the seal and valve seat all look good.

Are these toilets haunted? Will American Std. replace whatever it is which needs replacing?
There seems to be a little bit of a trick to getting the original and/or the Korky seals to work in the Accelerator. A number of folks here have found that the Korky seal works perfectly the first time; others have proposed stacking the seals, making sure they are perfectly-aligned, checking the chain to make sure it pulls straight-up, etc.

If I had one of these beasts, I would probably call Korky and double-check whether the 5030BP Adjustable 3" Flush Valve and Flapper works with the Champion 4. I might even see if they'd send me one if I would review its installation ease and effectiveness on the Champion 4, as it is a new product. Installing it would require pulling the tank, which I have done a bunch of times so it's no big deal to me, but it's not as easy as replacing a fill valve. Then you would have a nice standard Korky 3" flapper controlling the water exit from your Champion tank.

If the thing is designed to fit the Champ, I personally would rather have a nice, straightforward 3" flapper instead of the doofy "Accelerator". (The Champion "4" has a 3" flush hole, if that wasn't clear...)