I purchased 3 AS Champion toilets for our new home. Within a few months the periodic flushing began. First with one then all three. Upon discovery I found all 3 red seals to have a small "bump" approx 1/4" x 1/4" on the edge of the 3 seals. Thinking they might be defective, I purchased 3 seals at Home Depot for almost $6 each. Fine for a month then problems recurred with same result. More red seals, more leaks. Finally after 3 each seal replacements I contacted American Standard. They said I had the "old"
models and they would ship the replacement tank parts complete for all 3 toilets which they did. Fortunately I was able to act as the plumber here which saved us huge sums of money but if I weren't able I shudder to think how much more we would have had to spend on each and every call.
Everything was fine for the first 7 months then, voila! Then the "new"
green seal developed a 1/4" x 1/4" bump near the edge just like the red seals!! Two calls to AS Customer Service with a direct request to talk to a qualified, ranking design engineer resulted in several rebuffs and finally a call back several days later by someone identifying themself as a design engineer.
Our story is this. My wife is a regional/national accounts manager for GE's water treatment. We are on a well and because of this paid for a 150 point water test in a nearby state's lab. The results were used to design a whole house system by GE engineers for our home as we are a Beta site for water testing for GE.
The AS "engineer" upon learning of this said it must be our water quality causing the bumps not the Champion design. He sent 2 vials for us to fill up with water for AS to "test".
After reading numerous blogs of disatisfied customers, I trust AS does the right thing and responds very quickly to our concerns "in the field" as the Champion falls far, far short of quality claims.
D Srygley