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Thread: Behind the wall tanks? Will they last 20 years?

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    Default Behind the wall tanks? Will they last 20 years?

    I want to redo a tiny bath and gain space by installing a behind the wall tank and wall hanging toilet.
    Is it realistic to think I can install this and tile over the wall and it will last forever and a day?
    Or should I expect to have to open the wall every couple of years?

    I see this gerberit tank and carier

    This toto
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    Not from experience, but from what I've heard, you can do any maintenance through the 'cover' in the wall, and not have to tear into the wall itself.
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    The in wall tanks are built to the same standards as any plumbing that is going behind a finished wall. The maintenance items on the tank (fill and flush valves) are accessible through the area covered by the rectangular plate for the flush buttons. Pull up a set of instructions from the mfg Web site and you will see.

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