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Good'n snug doesn't sound like it was positioned correctly to me unless the instructions say good'n snug.

And if you look at your 3rd picture, down the drain line fitting hole, you can see about 1/3rd of the hole is blocked by a part of the stack, at least I think it is, and you said you have a low drain line flow... no wonder. lol
No, actually the black obstruction, both to the right and left is the housing "bore". That doesn't move obviously. I have the open part of the stack in the open part of what you see as open, with seals on either side. It is in the correct position unless I'm really missing something here. If it were any looser it would not seal and then it would obstruct a bit of the opening, but not much. If it were just ever so slightly tighter it would hit the back of the housing inside the bore. I have ordered a new stack/pistons assembly and should receive it today or tomorrow. We have a job on Saturday so I might not get it installed until Sunday. I do want to install it properly. Again, are you sure you are seeing something amiss in the photo?
Those white parts in the picture are spacers between o-rings or seals, whichever way we say it.

Looking at the left side of the hole, and assuming that is toward the back of the valve, it looks to me as if there is like a shelf in the bottom of the hole on the left side of the hole. There seems to be some dirt on it with some of it wiped off.

I don't recall seeing anything like a shelf in a Clack WS-1 but it may be your Hlllenbrand valve is a bit different than a stock Clack WS-1. If that were the case a stock stack may not have been used and you need the stack and pistons from Hillenbrand. I can't see the ends of the spacers on the left side.

Are you getting the stack etc. from Hillenbrand and if not then who?