Gentlemen: I have a Clack WS1 type (ProMate1-Hellenbrand) softener. 10 years old. It has been disconected for the last 5 years. When I reconnected it, it worked for a week then I noticed the brine tank full of water and hard water. On the brine cycle, I get pressure, no suction at the end of the brine hose, just a nice strong stream of water...pressure! The drain flow is slow but works. The injector screen was clogged. I cleaned it. No change. I have replaced the pistons and stack assembly and injector. There was a small sharp stone like, black particle (resin?) stuck in the drain button. I removed it...still no suction. I have moved the valve stack through it's entire travel by hand and at no point do I get suction. But lots of pressure. Is it possible I have a resin problem (dried out)? Thank you so much and happy labor day. Doc Scantlin