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Thread: looking to possibly install a shower light

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    Question looking to possibly install a shower light

    I have a finished basement with a finished bathroom. All works good, but when I originally had it finished, I simply had the existing ceiling light kept where it was (essentially in center of bathroom). There is also then vanity lights (over sink area) and an exhaust fan. Therefore, there is a 3 panel switch near the bathroom entrance to control all of these independently. Near this light switch is also a standard GFCI protected outlet for plugging in two devices.

    I now wish I would have had the electrician move the current centered ceiling light over to the tub/shower area. Luckily, this bathroom's one main wall is adjacent to an unfinished room that contains the main floor's HVAC system, the whole house water heater, the open studs for this bathroom & access to all of this bathroom's plumbing.

    Since I have easy access to the main bathroom wall from this unfinished area, I was thinking of trying to put in my own additional tub/shower light. This unfinished area has some professionally installed outlets so I was hoping I could basically tie off from one of them in order to provide the power and switch for a tub/shower light. I realized since its a bathroom, I would also have to get some sort of GFCI protected circuitry. Here is what I was thinking of getting from my local home depot or Lowes:

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    I wanted to use this specifically so I could not only have the switch, but gain another outlet in a useful area of this bathroom. Haven't decided exactly what tub/shower light I'm gonna get, but don't think its gonna be anything expensive or grand. Basically here is how I thought the wiring would run:

    CURRENT STANDARD OUTLET ---> new GFCI outlet/switch---> tub/shower light

    Unfortunately, I can't tie off the existing GFCI outlet in this bathroom cause its on another wall that is not easily accessible. Can I pretty much use this GCCI switch/outlet combo unit and have it coming off a normal, existing outlet (in the unfinished area) as described above? Or is there maybe some other factors I should take into consideration?
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