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Thread: how to square up mounting holes for closet bolts

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    Default how to square up mounting holes for closet bolts

    Hi Guys..

    I'm tiling my floor and will soon be installing the toilet. American Standard Champion 4 (they got me on the hotdog flushing videos).

    I have 12 3/4 inches from the wall to the center of the pipe, the toilet says 12" rough in.

    In the picture below, the tiles around the edges of the room (including the one under the flange) are just sitting on the floor- no thinset yet. The flange is just stuck into the pipe for alignment purposes. Its one that fits inside a 4 inch pipe or onto a 3" pipe. I have a 4 inch pipe. I cut the pipe a little short.. but I have at least an inch for primer and glue..

    So here are my questions:

    1. Is there a better flange to use in this instance?
    2. Once I glue the flange down.. the metal ring will spin around and need screws to hold it down.. Carbide pre-drill through the tile and then stainless screws into sub-floor?
    3. How do I align the ring properly? What do I use as a reference? The walls aren't square like most houses aren't, and I have no vanity yet. should I just wing it? Do the slots for the closet bolts offer a lot of adjustment? How much could I be off and not have anyone notice?

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