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Thread: KitchenAid gas stove model#KGRS807SSS

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    Default KitchenAid gas stove model#KGRS807SSS

    Hi my gas stove is having problems, the front 2 burners won't lite also the oven and broiler won't lite, I can lite the burners with a match so the gas I don't think is the problem. When I lite the oven I hear it click and the gas come on for a few seconds then off again, usually you would hear the oven lite up in these few seconds, what part do you think I need?? And where should I look for it??

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    What you need is an appliance repair person.

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    Sounds like the ignitor/flame sensor is defunct in the oven...the ignitor(s) on the stovetop may be bad. Could be wiring, could be the devices, could be the switch/valve.

    Once the system sends a spark, it senses if the burner is actually lit. If it isn't, it (sometimes) tries again. Why it didn't light could be the gas actually didn't turn on, or the spark was weak or non-existent.

    WOrking with gas can be dangerous, so to keep from blowing up the house, it's best to have someone that works on them fix it.
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    Screw up with plumbing and you may have a leak or a drain that doesn't work well. Screw up with gas and you, you family, and you home are history. Get a licensed gas appliance repairman. Not everything is a DIY job, and this is one of them.

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