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Thread: Looking for some help on garage sub panel

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    I did an amperage calculation, before I started looking into upgrading the electrical, Lets ignore the things like clocks, radios, cordless battery chargers, and go with the following. 5 lights at approx 1 amp each 5 amps total, Welder at 24.8 (start up) amps Angle grinder 8 (start up) amps, Air compressor 9 runnng, 12.8 (start up) to electric heaters 12.8 amps 25.6 amps total, Mini powder coater 22 amps, this totals 98.2 amps,

    I obviously will not have everything running at the same time, but lest assume lights, Welder, Air compressor, heaters, and a grinder, that equals 76.2 amps,

    Now add into the mix a lathe, or mill, instead of the grinder......

    Do I need to run all of this at the same time?..... No, but why not have the ability if I’m going to upgrade anyway.

    I do not disagree that if I wanted to I could get away with only 50 or 60 amps, but why be in a situation where I can say I wish I would have done this , or changed that?
    Yes when i calculated required amps i used worst case start up amps, and not running amps, but doesnt that add a safety factor?

    Nothing would agrevate me more than being in the middle of a weld, or a cut on either the lathe or mill and have the breaker trip.
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