This subject may have been beaten to death, but here is my plan, and I have a couple questions.

I am running a sub panel to my garage, I have already purchased the panel box for the garage from Home Depot, it was on sale, and included the 100amp main, 1 - 30 amp (240) and 2 – 15 amp breakers. My garage is detached from the house, and total run from box to box is almost 50 feet. I currently have 100 amp service to my house, but am planning to upgrade to 200 amp in the next year or 2. I understand that I can only send 50 amps to the garage (half of my service) but I want to put 100amp wire / cable depending on what you prefer to call it, and sub panel, this way when I upgrade my service I am all set to send more power to the garage. I also know I need a permit, and an inspection, the permit is $100, and inspection is $68, cheap enough to not risk burning down the house i WILL be getting them. My town code DOES allow for the home owner to do the work I just need an inspection to close out the permit.

This is my plan, and I am asking this so that I can have 100% everything ready and done only one time, so your input will be appreciated.

• 2-2-2-4 aluminum (Home depot called it 100amp feed, I may have the numbers and dashes wrong I’m going by memory, but I am planning to use aluminum 100 amp feed)
•1 ” pvc conduit buried 18” deep ( I understand I can use 1 but I figure 1 ” would be easier to pull the wire)
o I have not purchased the wire or conduit yet would it make sense to run 2” conduit?
o There will be about a 15 foot run inside the house. Is this supposed to be in conduit?
• 50 amp breaker in my house panel, and leave the 100 amp in the sub panel in the garage, using it as a main disconnect, but I will label the box as 50 amp house supply.
• Since I am running 4 wire I understand I need to tape both ends of one wire white marking it the common, obviously one wire to either side to the 50 amp breaker, and the other to the ground.
o I am running 4 wires I am being told I do not need a grounding rod at the garage, and if it put one there I am increasing my risk of lightning strike. Is this true or was someone having fun with me?

What am I missing? understand that i am also planning to upgrade my house service, and want this install able to accomidate future upgrades.

I am planning to run a welder, and just the basic home shop type tools. I currently only have 20 amps of service in my garage, and am sick of using my generator welder. This will allow me to get rid of that, and pick up a regular 240 volt.

Thanks for any help you can offer please understand that I am not up on the electrical lingo, and may ask some questions that seem dumb.