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Thread: iron removal method question

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    Default iron removal method question

    As it turns out my well water is loaded with iron beyond the capacity of a water softener resulting in stained fixtures, odor etc.. I have been told there is an easy solution for the iron removal but wanted to check here first: install a simple inline chlorine dispenser ( i assume similar to those used for spas/pools) in the T joint before my pressure tank. This allows the pressure tank (along with extra pipe coil if necessary) to be used as contact tank. After the pressure tank a basic sand filter with backwash as purchased from a pool shop is installed to filter out the now precipated iron particles. What do you all think? I've done some research and I think I may give it a try...I realize there are other options but can you see this one working?

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    I think...................I think, let me get this right. You want to use an inline chlorine dispenser like used for hot tubs to inject the chlorine.? Those things are ok for killing bugs in a hot tub but nowhere near as accurate as an injector pump made for water conditioning so.........get one of those instead, pellet or liquid, either will work. Using the bladder tank for precip is IMO a bad idea because the chlorine will cause the bladder to fail prematurely and what do you do with all that iron that precipitates in your tank? It needs a place to drain. Before you get much further, take a water test for iron and let us know the results.
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    There are so many problems with that proposal I'm not sure where to start, but getting the water tested is ALWAYS a good way to start -- getting rid of a LOT of iron is a different problem than getting rid of a little. One specific thing: my bladder tank manufacturer recommends chlorinating before the pressure tank, but AFTER mixing in a contact tank. However, I think the majority of folks in the trade will recommend keeping chlorine out of the bladder tank.

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