Hi All,

With all the information that has been posted in here, I came to the conclusion that I wanted a whole house carbon filter for the chlorine and water softener. I had decided on a Clack unit based on the great feedback. I found a local (Austin) dealer who sells and installs those units.

He came buy today to provide a quote and said he had the equipment if I was ready for the install. I told him to go for it and it has been installed. A few hours later I went to the garage to look at the system and noticed that it didn't say Clack on the valve. After some research. I found out that he had installed a Canature BNT 5650 (F) valve with a Canature water softener and carbon filter tank. The gentleman who installed it did mention something about new equipment he has been trying out for 2 years, but now realize that it looks like that new equipment is what he installed for me

I tried to research this brand, but the only thing that comes up is places you can import it from in China. Is the Canature brand comparable to the Clack or other reliable brands. He did seem like he knew what he was talking about, but I still feel like I'm in the dark.

Thank you for any insight!