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Thread: How does this shower roughout look?

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    Default How does this shower roughout look?


    I'm a homeowner who's doing a bath remodel. I know very little about plumbing and wanted to get opinions on the work we've had done so far. Please see the attached picture. I'm concerned about a few things and want to make sure that my concerns are even founded before saying anything:

    1. Just to the left of the valve, there are those two "guard plates" (don't know if that's the right term). I think they are there to prevent someone from nailing through the stud into the pex? Well, they obviously look really rusted, especially compared to the others ones. Is that a big deal? Visually, it looks terrible, but don't know if it makes a difference.

    2. The other guard plate, on the left side of the picture, is touching the capped pipe. That is for a wall elbow that will eventually be flush against tile, but I was just concerned that the "guard plate" and the pipe metal might be of different metal types and could cause corrosion or some sort of reaction in the future? Seems like it shouldn't have to touch.

    3. The white pex in the middle of the picture looks a beaten up and "dirty". The red/blue pex all looks new and nice, but this one looks a little bad. All the pex is the same manufacturer (pex).

    Anything else in that picture look not right? Other pex around house that the plumber has run looks pretty neat. I was just concerned that the shower rough out area looked a little sloppy and didn't want problems to show up after the tile is put it!

    Thanks for any help!
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