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Thread: Well pump mounting question

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    Default Well pump mounting question

    Is this normal?

    Have a well at a rental property. Works great and water clear.
    Has a submersible pump. But concrete cover does not sit tight because it rest on a pipe.
    So a gap all around. Is this normal?

    If you remove the cover there is about 30 of galvanized pipe laying across the opening.
    This seems to be used to hold the pump suspended in the center of the well. Then a cable runs down to the pump.
    Has 1 of the black poloy pipe that runs down to the pump.
    I am guessing they just did not want to have only the pipe holding the pump. Pipe goes thru the wall of the well about 24 down from the top of the well casing. Has a plastic/poloy elbow, which I guess may otherwise break from the weight of the pump.

    What Is normal?


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    "Normal" is to hang the pump on a pitless adapter.

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    around here that is quite common. If you want to use a pitlless adapter i guess it would work but you would have to have a few feet of steel pipe sticking out of the culvert to keep the pump from pulling the pitless down. In a cement culvert i would not reccomend hanging the pump close to the culvert wall as it sometimes tends to pull in silt and sand. I would also not recommend to bury steel pipe. What i usually do is to take a piece of copper pipe and flatten out the ends to set on top of the casing. If you want to get fancy, drill two holes in the concrete opposite of eachother and stick some steel pipe into that.

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    1/2" gap? Just enough for all kinds of critters to find their way into the water supply. Figure out a way to seal that well properly, chlorinate the complete system and then test for bacteria.

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