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Thread: Xtrol Water Pressure Tank Slowly losing pressure throughout the day

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    Thanks for replies

    I had the original installer of the iron filter come out

    Pulled the drain hose off and water poured out non stop.

    Pulled the tank piston and replaced the seals but the piston is still leaking and he doesn't have replacement till next week.

    So he has put the filter into bypass which has stopped the leaking and psi loss.

    He said I should be good for the weekend in bypass till early next week till he can get a new tank piston

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    If the pressure drops with the line between the house and tank is turned off, then there is a leak on the pump system side. If the pressure remains the same when the line between the tank and the house is turned off, then the problem is on the house side of the system. Only you can decide which side is leaking pressure! If it's on the well side it could be a leaking vheck valve or a leak in the drop pipe in the well!
    Porky Cutter, MGWC
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    Porky, it was made clear in post #1 that closing the valve held the pressure.

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaun091382 View Post
    - Also when filling up the pressure tank ..as soon as it hits it's 50psi cut off and the switch turns off...I close the valve between the tank and the house and it seems to be holding at 50 psi with no drop.

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