I'm getting a start on laying out our basement bathroom that our inept builder attempted to stub out....

There are several tasks that I am thinking are the correct moves and I want to clarify/confirm that I'm thinking straight before calling the inspector multiple times to check over my work...

I'm attaching photos to show the current situation:

1. Shower/Tub drain was locaded nowhere near any usable location. Spacing between wall, required 6" framing and toilet stubout will really only fit a tub (which we are ok with). I've cut out the floor to start moving that drain. Once I get things plumbed back up do you generally leave the trap area under the tub drain opened or concrete the floor closed again. Obviouly there will be some fill and concrete requried under the tub location.Name:  floor2.jpg
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2. Current stack location just barely will allow the tub to fit in the corner, the cleanout will be difficult if not impossible to access, can I replace the cleanout with a sweep wye Name:  wye.bmp
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Size:  57.1 KB and then extend into what will be a closet by about 2' then a 90 degree sweep out into the closet with a cleanout plug?Name:  stack.jpg
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3. Plan on utalizing what I think is a "wet vent" for the sink, tying into the current 2" vent that is along the back wall. Do I need to run additional venting from behind the sink (will be on a new wall to the right to the existing vent line (min 6" above the sink level, more like 4' above the sink level).Name:  floor1.jpg
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4. For your viewing pleasure, using my x-ray vision (or better yet pre slab pour photos) what is under the slab now for your comments.... Name:  underfloor.jpg
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What am I missing. It all seems pretty straightforward to my non initiated eyes. I'm the do it yourself kind of guy, but I also want it done right and if I'm missing something major, I'm more than willing to hire it out....

Thanks for your help everyone.